Parent and Junior Gym

Structured classes for parents and toddlers to develop their physical and social skills in safe and fun environment.

Our aim is to give the children a safe, enjoyable and challenging gymnastics experience. The sessions are planned on a term basis to ensure a balanced and varied programme for the children. Classes are for children aged 2 - 4 years old (or until they are in full time education).

These sessions aim to improve their fundamental skills such as coordination, spatial awareness, balance, strength and flexibility in a progressively structured yet fun gymnastics session.

Gymnasts and their parents work in small groups under the direction of a coach in a safe and stimulating environment which utilises a variety of equipment. This is a great way of encouraging children to engage in a structured environment with the support of their parents in the class.

It's a great stepping stone to our junior Gym classes where the children will work independently away from their parents.

When attending a Parent Junior Gym Class the adult is responsible for the child at all times.

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